The Diamond cut is divided into two distinct and separate aspects. Namely SHAPE, being the name or style of cut.

But, more importantly a diamond’s PROPORTIONS, being the most telling aspect of all good diamonds, affects the overall beauty. By this we mean how light will perform within a correctly cut diamond: how light strikes and enters a diamond and how much returns to the eye.

When cut according to the correct specifications, the full beauty of the stone is realised. This delicately crafted balance of angles and proportions reflects the light within its myriad of facets. Releasing the diamond’s inner fire to scintillate and captivate us with its infinite natural beauty and brilliance. Unfortunately sometimes diamonds are cut “heavy” or “swindled” to bring maximum carat weight to the stone, but with the loss of quality. The standard “cut” scale ranges from Excellent to Poor. This information will be included with diamonds that are sold with laboratory certificates and only diamonds that have been cut to Excellent or Very Good standards should be purchased.