Diamond Merchant

What distinguishes diamonds from other luxury products is that every stone is unique, a separate creation of nature, cut and polished to individual perfection. The entire industry is founded on the traditional perceptions that men and woman have of diamonds and the value they place on love. Owing to the nature of the product, and because the industry is relatively small, it is built up of personal relationships at all levels, and is an intimate association that combines the specialist knowledge and skills of individual people. From the miner, through the sorting and distribution network, to the diamond cutter, the diamond merchant, jewellery manufacturer and finally the retail jeweller, the people make the industry.

Diamond merchants are people whose profession is in the trading of diamonds. They possess the necessary expertise in the area of diamonds and the practices of trading them.

I buy direct and as a result pass the saving onto the client. The aim is to assist you in making an informed, educated and wise purchase.

All diamonds purchased above 0.30 carats will be accompanied by an independent laboratory certificate.